Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon games for PlayStation, XBox and PC are hugely, hugely popular. The new title in the series, Ghost Recon Wildlands, is due to be released on March 7. To tie in with this, a companion app, Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ, has been released by Ubisoft on Android.

The main game's storyline revolves around the ghosts being inserted into Bolivia to destroy a powerful drug cartel and discover the connections between the cartel and the Bolivian government. Once it's released in just over a month's time, the app will sync up and show real time intelligence information and other useful items. The Guerrilla Game provides some backstory for the narrative in Ghost Recon Wildlands, before the Bolivian Revolution took place, with CIA operative Karen Bowman acting as an international aid worker. Lastly, view CIA files for characters, missions, ghosts and other information, including classified info on the cartel, that relate to the story in Wildlands.

If you're planning on getting the game on either PS4, XBox One, or PC, it'd probably be useful to have this app as well. Ghost Recon Wildlands HQ is available to download on Google Play now.