Heard of Mr. Robot, the popular USA show that features developers, hacking, giant, evil corporations, and computers? If so, listen up: Glitchskier is a game where the player hacks the computer to progress, defeating enemies, boss fights, and the system itself.

Playing Glitchskier doesn't really feel like a game at all. It's more like a computer, with the game prompting you to open a game-within-a-game to play. This thing is hard - maybe I'm just not very good at it, or I need more practice, but it's a tricky one to master. Simply put you, an arrow ship thing, need to destroy the enemies heading towards you as you advance through a level. Crashing into them will kill you, and the ship will run out of ammo unless extra weapons are collected. Anything red can be destroyed, whereas you will get stuck on anything white.

The game has a distortion effect to make it look like an old cathode ray tube screen, although this can be turned off in the settings. It doesn't really look it, but the game is quite resource intensive, slowing down my 6P on occasion when things got busy on the screen. The default colors can also be changed in the data folder of the game, although not immediately. I've got mine on purple currently.

Simply put, I'm loving this game. It's the perfect mix of meta and game that makes for fantastic, engaging play, which is exactly what you want in a game. It needs to be played to be understood, if that makes sense. Glitchskier is available on Google Play for $1.99 with no in-app purchases. If you're a fan of the hacking aesthetic and culture, it's definitely worth buying.

Developer: Shelly Alon
Price: $1.99