After revealing late last week that LG's Watch Style will come in at $249, today we can confirm via one of our trusted sources that its bigger, LTE-enabled brother will cost $100 more. The LG Watch Sport will have an MSRP of $349 here in the US, though it is unclear if color or band options could raise that price for certain configurations.

As a reminder, the Watch Sport brings a lot of features that the Watch Style will lack: LTE for true standalone functionality, NFC for Android Pay, GPS, a heart-rate monitor, a bigger, denser screen, and more buttons. Like the Style, we expect the Sport to support "digital crown" navigation by twisting the center button on the right-hand side of the watch, similar to the Apple Watch.

$349 actually seems like a fair price - after all, that's cheaper than the similarly-equipped Watch Urbane 2nd Edition from early last year, while adding in NFC, Google Assistant, and Wear 2.0 out of the box. And a comparable Apple Watch Series 2 - which lacks LTE altogether - still costs $50 more. Whether Google and LG will move an appreciable number of units, though, is a very different question. Android Wear's had a tough time of it in terms of actual sales volume, and while Android Pay is certainly going to renew interest in the platform, whether it will generate $350+ of interest remains to be seen.

Image credit: TechnoBuffalo