Retro-style games are all the rage these days. From their simple camera angles to their usually endearing pixel art, they have a sense of nostalgia to them regardless of your age. Evil Factory is one such example. This top-down arcade title is action-packed and sure to provide some good fun.

In some alternate universe, the superpowers of the world banded together to stop an evil group called Kraken from ruling the world. The Hydra-esque antagonists were defeated, but now they have returned. You are sent to Antarctica to destroy their base and stop them.


The game focuses on blasting enemies, dodging attacks, and out-maneuvering your opponents until you reach the bosses. Along the way, you can build and modify your arsenal to handle the ever-increasing challenges.


Evil Factory is free, but contains in-app purchases (which kind of spoils the retro feel). These range from $0.99-$99.99 per item. Despite this, it's a pretty fun game and mildly challenging, so go give it a try.

Evil Factory
Evil Factory
Developer: NEXON M Inc.
Price: Free+