When companies send us review units, they usually expect that our testing will not include intentionally breaking them. That's why JerryRigEverything has a niche on YouTube. He buys and destroys phones to see how durable (or not) they are. His latest victim is the Honor 6X, and it doesn't go well for that phone. At all.

The Honor 6X is one of those phones that ships with a thick plastic cover on the display that some people seem to think is a screen protector (it's not). Maybe this time you should leave the plastic on until you can get a real screen protector, though. The glass used on the Honor 6X appears to be very, very prone to scratching. It scratches at level 4 hardness, whereas most phones won't scratch until level 6. It's possible Huawei didn't use the same hardened glass other phones use (Gorilla Glass or similar). Weirdly, the label used to mark the scratch test area wouldn't even peel off like it does on other phones. There's definitely something funky going on here.

The real issue becomes apparent in the bend test. The rear metal housing is only attached to the body of the phone with a few plastic clips, so it pops right off when the phone starts to bend. That means it offers no structural support to the phone. The LCD panel is destroyed very quickly as a result.

This is a cheap phone, so you wouldn't necessarily expect it to be indestructible. However, the Moto G4 that was tested just recently passed with flying colors. Huawei really seems to have miscalculated here. The scratch-prone display in particular is a big problem that people will actually experience from normal wear and tear.