360 cameras are awesome. I love my LG 360 Cam and find it is perfect for encapsulating a moment in time into one shot and letting you sort of travel back in time and immerse yourself in everything around you during the second the picture or video was taken. If you haven't bought a 360 camera yet and you're wondering what the fuss is about, there's a nice deal on Samsung's Gear 360 today at several retailers dropping the price down to around $273 from its original MSRP of $350.

The Gear 360 has dual 15MP f/2.0 fisheye lenses for 3840 x 1920 360-degree (horizontally and vertically) videos and 30MP still images. You can also take pics and videos with just one of the cameras if you're more interested in shooting one direction. The cam is IP53 rated for some water, splash, and dust resistance. It comes with a built-in tripod and the resulting images are compatible with Google Street View, but unfortunately the Gear 360 Manager app only works on Samsung's high-end devices so you can't install it on other manufacturers' phones.

If that doesn't deter you from getting the Gear 360, the only hurdle in your way is choosing a retailer to buy from. Here are the ones we've seen it discounted at:

The prices on Amazon and at Walmart both dropped to below $260.