There's a dearth of high-end Android tablets on the market, mostly because people don't buy many of them anymore. If anyone can move a tablet, though, it's Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S2 was launched in late 2015, and now it looks like the Tab S3 is headed for MWC. A new leak lays out the specs for the device, as well as an alleged (very high) price tag in Korea.

According to the Korean leak, the Tab S3 will be a powerful device on-par with the Galaxy S7. We don't have all the specs, but the leak is fairly thorough.


SoC Snapdragon 820
Display 9.6-inch 2048x1536
Camera 12MP rear, 5MP front
Software Android 7.0
Measurements 5.6mm thick

There will be a WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab S3 with version number SM-T825. Meanwhile, the LTE variant will be SM-T820. The leak claims a Korean price of 700,000 won. That works out to a little over $600. It would be insane for Samsung to try and sell a tablet here for that much, especially if that's the price for the WiFi version. Even $500 for a tablet is too much these days. We expect to have the real specs and release details in late February at MWC.


The Galaxy Tab S3 seems to have passed through the FCC. Specifically, model number SM-T825 with LTE. It looks like the above leak might have the model numbers backward.

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