Plex wants to be the hub for all your content, but right now you mostly have to download that content separately and store it on your Plex server. The company has just acquired Watchup, a streaming news service that could make Plex a more robust platform. This isn't Plex's first foray into true live streaming, but it's certainly the biggest.

Watchup features streaming news from sources like Fox, CNN, CBS, and SKY News. There are also local news channels covering about 80% of the US. It's available on Android, iOS, Amazon, and the Wii U. The Android app has reasonably good ratings as well. Plex didn't say exactly what it plans to do with Watchup, but the implication is that the features of Watchup will be integrated with Plex.

This acquisition jives with some recent changes at Plex. Last year, the company added Plex DVR to its premium services. That allows people with digital tuners and antennas to record free HDTV broadcasts to their Plex libraries with advanced DVR-like features. Adding in streaming news via Watchup makes a lot of sense.