Viber has been around as a VoIP solution on mobile devices for ages, but it also has a service called Viber Out that lets you call landlines. It usually costs money to do that, but not in select scenarios right now. Viber has announced that calls between landline and mobile numbers in the US and the seven countries affected by Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban will be free.

I'm sure you don't need the full rundown of current events here on AP. The gist is that all individuals from seven Middle East and African nations have been banned from entering the US. The Executive order came down late on Friday, causing confusion and protests over the weekend. Here's Viber's statement on the matter.

In light of recent events in the United States, we are now offering free calls to any landline or mobile number between the United States and Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen so that those affected will now have one less barrier to cross when trying to reach their loved ones.

Calls to landlines in Viber use credits, which can be purchased in the app. The cost of credits varies based on the country. As an example, 20 minutes of credit for calling Syria costs $5. That fee is waved now. Those in the affected countries can also place free calls to the US. Making it easier for people to get in touch during this trying time is an indisputably good thing.

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