We don't talk about TomTom wearables almost ever at Android Police, and that's because of one particular reason: the TomTom MySports app sucks. It's a shame because TomTom makes very interesting products spanning from the simple Touch band to the Spark 3 GPS and HR watch with storage for music, and all the way to the multi-sport Adventurer with multiple outdoor modes, compass, and barometer.

But whenever we talk about any smart gadget here, on Android Police, we mention its app, and in this case, we couldn't gloss over the fact that no matter how good TomTom's products were, their app frankly sucked, which made the whole line-up irrelevant for our coverage. Oh and when I say the app sucked, I really mean it. Average rating of 2.3 on the Play Store (and 2 on the iTunes App Store) with plenty of complaints about its outdated UI, failures to sync, frequent spontaneous log-out instances, and so on.

Thankfully, at CES TomTom announced a new companion app for its products and that app is now here. It's uploaded under a new Play Store listing (the old one is only for Golfer devices now) and it's simply called TomTom Sports. The new app looks better than the old one with a more modern interface, detailed exercise summaries, a personal dashboard, trends and insights into your performance, and sharing with other apps like Strava, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and more.


It's also off to a slightly better start with an average 3.2 rating on the Play Store. We don't have a TomTom device to test it with and there aren't many reviews yet, but a couple of users seem happy about it while one is complaining about a few missing features and changes in the interface. We'll have to get more feedback to see how well the app behaves, specifically if it fixes the syncing and buggy issues of the older app.

TomTom Sports is free on the Play Store, but it isn't available for download in the US yet. We checked a few countries and it only seems available in the UK, so we have it on APK Mirror if you want to manually grab it and try it.

TomTom Sports
TomTom Sports
Price: Free