I put out a question on Twitter a few minutes ago asking if anyone else was feeling like their Pixel was charging more slowly lately. The response was mixed, but some definitely concurred with me: For whatever reason, the Pixel's (and/or Pixel XL) rapid charging definitely isn't feeling so rapid sometimes.

I've consistently noticed when putting my Pixel on the official Google rapid charger (the one in the box) that it's taking much longer to charge than it should, regardless of whatever the indicated battery level is. At very low levels, I've seen the phone take nearly three hours to reach peak charge, which is well above what should be happening based on what we know about the charging speed. See this YouTube video - both the Pixel and XL charge in well under 2 hours (around 1h50m) from zero percent to 100. Mine is often taking that long to go from 30-40% to 100.

Whether this issue is widespread or even shares a common cause among those who feel their charging is becoming slow is obviously hard to figure out. One thing I do know is that most phones will slow their charging when the phone is very warm, but I've seen this happen when the phone is ice cold when I plug it in and I haven't touched it for hours. Is it possible there's some kind of software culprit, keeping the phone awake and preventing it from going into full rapid charge? Unfortunately, I don't have a USB-C compatible voltage meter (Satechi just announced one, though) to really see if things are going more slowly than they should, but I hope to get one soon.

I know this is anecdotal, and it's also something that's hard to measure without tools, but I am confident my Pixel XL is charging much more slowly lately, even if not necessarily all the time. So, have any of you noticed this? Or am I going crazy over here?

Is your Pixel / Pixel XL charging more slowly recently?

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