eBay is a service with a huge amount of different options and things to do - search, buy, sell, add to watch list, message a seller, etc - so the new update, adding app shortcuts, is very useful indeed.

Very app shortcuts. Much quick.

The four app shortcuts consist of Following, Selling, Watching, and Search, which is presumably what market research told eBay most people do while using the app. It's a good move, because it means those who buy a lot can add to their watch list or search from the homescreen, while sellers can go directly to selling. Also related is a round icon for the Pixel Launcher - see the main image (or the comments) for an example.


Here are some of the top improvements based on your feedback:

  • Fixed: Notifications would sometimes open to an older message or item.
  • Fixed: App would sometimes restart after putting it in the background. (you might need to re-add your eBay shortcut from the app drawer)
  • Quick Tip: Save your search filter options by tapping the lock icon in the filter menu

No filter lock to be found. :sadface:

The only other new thing, beside bug fixes, is a lock for filters during search. However, when I looked for this, it was nowhere to be seen. If you're seeing it, or I'm just blind, let rip in the comments. Otherwise, the app is available on Google Play, or at APK Mirror if you prefer.