Healthy living is the, er, in-thing at the moment, so anything which can help with that is welcome. Taking pictures of food is also popular *ahem* Instagram *ahem*, so Bitesnap, from Bite AI, could work wonders with those trying to eat to a specified diet.

Bitesnap works by using machine learning to identify food from pictures. Take a picture using the app (or add one from the gallery) and it will attempt to work out what's in the picture. By telling it the amount you're eating and any other important information, the app will tell you how many calories are in the food. I tested with a range of healthy and unhealthy things - a banana, some baby sweetcorn, cheese, a Cornish pasty, French Fries, peas, and some blueberries. Most of these it identified well, although it did struggle considerably on the slightly obscure Cornish pasty.

Left: app homescreen. Middle-left: summary of what you've eaten. Middle-right: taking a picture of food. Right: choosing what food a certain item is.

The app aso has a breakdown of what you've eaten, giving a piechart of how much carbohydrate, protein, and fat is in your food. Targets can be adjusted to guide you on how much of each category to eat, and there is a weight/height/BMI tracker to track general healthiness too. Lastly, customisable reminders will remind you to eat at certain times, which might come in handy if you're busy working and forget.

Left: identifying the amount of what is being eaten. Middle-left: nutritional breakdown. Middle-right: calorie breakdown. Right: reminders for individual meals.

Sadly, there's no Google Fit integration here, although maybe it'll come in a later update. On another note, as the app is American, it uses imperial measurements. This means for us Europeans, measuring the food intake is hard. That also means the app is only available in the US (and possibly other places) on Google Play; it was unavailable for me in the UK. However, as always, we've got the app on APK Mirror if it's un-installable from the Play Store. Download and check it out if you're interested; maybe it'll finally be the thing to get you on that diet.