Using biometric authentication for banking logins is nothing new. It adds a level of convenience with only a slight decrease in security, although I find it only a bit faster than using a PIN. Apps like PayPal and USAA have had it for some time, and Discover is finally joining the party.

Here's the official changelog:

  • Use Fingerprint to log in quicker, easier and more securely on compatible Android devices
  • Edit your account password within the app
  • Access and download TAX documents within the app
  • Enjoy an updated Bill Pay experience with streamlined design and layout enhancements
  • Choose and personalize which account Alerts you’d like to receive within the app
  • Transfer Money with improved functionality

As you can see, fingerprint support isn't the only thing Discover has added here. With tax season coming soon for us in the U.S. (unless you're a student and need to get your FAFSA submitted, then it's right now), being able to access tax documents within the app is pretty darn convenient.


If you're a Discover user and want to use your fingerprint to login, then there is a short setup process (if you're already logged into the app and everything). All you need to do is enable the feature, authenticate with your PIN or password, and follow the prompts.

I am quite thrilled to have this addition, even if it took long enough.

Discover Mobile
Discover Mobile
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