When I reviewed the Blink security cam system a couple of months ago, one of the negatives I talked about was the lack of proper automation and integration in smart home systems. You could either manually arm/disarm the system, set a schedule, or ask Alexa to control it. There was no automatic option based on geofence, no way to consider irregularities, and no way to trigger things to happen based on detected motion or recorded events. One way to solve that issue is by adding an IFTTT channel and that's exactly what Blink has done.

There aren't lots of options available in Blink's IFTTT channel, but there's enough to open up plenty of integrations with different smart home devices. You can get an email or a Slack message when your Blink detects motion, or maybe set it to trigger other smart actions and objects like your Hue lights. You can also arm and disarm your Blink system based on any IFTTT trigger like your August door lock or a "Vacation" event in your Google Calendar.

There are more example applets to check and you can create your own if you don't see what you want in the list. But keep in mind that Blink says the option is only available to its US users for now.