A few days ago, Lineage OS announced that new builds of its custom ROM would be released during the weekend and it has kept its word. On Sunday night, the team started uploading builds for a few devices, picking up where CyanogenMod had left off.

So far, there are builds for the Nexus 6P (angler), Nexus 5X (bullhead), Moto G4 and G4 Plus (athene), Nextbit Robin (ether), and Xiaomi Redmi 1S (armani), but more are coming along. The builds are called lineage, instead of cm, and tagged with the same build number system as CyanogenMod's (14.1 stands for Nougat 7.1 and 13.0 stands for Marshmallow 6.0). Some builds are labeled as "experimental," these should be flashable on top of CM13 or CM14.1 builds for those who don't want to wipe clean and get started again.

More devices are slated to be supported, you can check the wiki or the full list of build targets here. And to see and grab the released builds, you have to head over to download.lineageos.org. Release candidates will come every week and will be signed with a private key. Another thing to keep in mind is that by default Lineage OS won't allow root, but the project will provide a separate flashable zip to root your device. That doesn't seem to be available yet.

  • Thanks:
  • Matthew,
  • Satheeshkumar