Most of the time, the 0.10 deals we report on are limited to a very specific subset of countries (such as the UK, Italy, France, Russia, etc), but this week it's different. Goo Saga is on sale for 0.10, and as far as we can see, this one's international; even the United States is included.

Goo Saga is a pretty fun little platformer, all things told. The story goes that the little elastic-y creature you control, Goo, is looking for his creator, and more generally the meaning of life. The gameplay is addictive and the graphics are pretty damn delightful. All told, for 0.10 (or equivalent in your country's currency) this is a great deal. Weirdly, however, a crash dialog saying the app had crashed kept popping up on my Nexus 6P, but the app didn't actually crash, or didn't appear to. Odd.

As this deal is seemingly international, post in the comments if you don't see it cheap in your country. Otherwise, Goo Saga is available on Google Play now for $0.10 in the US, €0.10 in Europe, £0.10 in the UK... oh, you know the drill. Go get it!

Goo Legend
Goo Legend
Developer: Pinnatta Inc.
Price: $1.99