Carriers in the United States are widely known to rip off customers wherever possible, and roaming is perhaps the best example. To help alleviate some of the confusion that customers experience with international roaming, AT&T has announced the 'International Day Pass,' a $10/day fee that allows you to use your domestic plan abroad.

Instead of being charged per message, call minute, or MB while traveling, users can simply purchase a Day Pass for $10 per device. So if your plan has unlimited calling and minutes, you won't be charged with additional fees. However, customers may find the feature removed if international voice/text/data usage is more than half of their plan's total voice/text/data usage for two consecutive months.

This is similar to Verizon's TravelPass, which also costs $10 a day per device (except in Mexico and Canada, where it only costs $2 a day). While the fee is better than the dozens of small charges users usually incur while traveling, carriers like Project Fi allow customers to access cell/data service at no extra cost. The feature will go live on Friday, January 27.