As the content we consume on our smartphones becomes ever richer - HD videos, high-bitrate music, complex webpages - it seems inevitable that our data usage on mobile networks is just going to keep going up, up, up.

But as our need for more and more gee-bees grows with each passing year, our mobile data plans may not keep up with our demands, and we're forced to pace ourselves to avoid overage fees or reduced service. This week's poll asks just how much mobile data (i.e., not Wi-Fi) you use personally.

For the purpose of this poll, do not include the consumption of your entire family, just your own. To get a sense for how much data you use, just go into your phone's settings and go to the data usage area. Or, check a few of your carrier billing statements.

How much mobile data do you personally use in a month (NOT counting Wi-Fi usage)?

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