HTC's Android Wear watch, codenamed Halfbeak, leaked back in October on Chinese social network Weibo. Since then, we haven't heard a peep from the Taiwanese company regarding the watch. Nevertheless, a bucketload of new photos have popped up, again on Weibo, showing the watch in all its glory.

The photos show the circular watch, with two buttons on the right-hand side, marked by two arrows. Other things to note are the pogo pins on the back, with a heart rate sensor also present. The display is 360x360 resolution, which is a little higher than the Moto 360 V2 display, but lower res than the Huawei Watch's display. There's also an Under Armor logo on the back of the watch, indicating a likely partnership there; this would make sense, since the two companies collaborated on the UA Healthbox platform back in 2016. The watch also appears to be running the 1.x version of Android Wear, which is interesting as 2.0 is coming out in less than a month.

We don't know when HTC will unveil the watch, or how much it'll cost, although it is possible we will hear about it at Mobile World Congress, next month in Barcelona. Let's wait and see.

HTC says definitively that they are not working on Android Wear or any other smartwatch. Further, we learned from an unnamed source that what you're seeing above is just a very old prototype - a cancelled project. Read more here.