The LG V20 has a 3200 mAh, replaceable battery. For a lot of people, that will get you through the day. But what if you need more? Well, you could buy an extra battery or two and just swap them out as you go along. Or, if you'd prefer to improve your forearm strength while you operate your phone, you can buy ZeroLemon's monstrous battery case for the V20 that more than triples its battery life.

And if you like things being multiplied, the fun with ZeroLemon's case does not stop there. It also will double the weight of the V20 to over 14 ounces (not even a whole pound!). The phone's thickness will nearly triple too, giving you a bold new way to tell Jony Ive and all those Apple enthusiasts to shove off. A case like this can make you wistful for the good old days when a phone could be a crime deterrent.

On the bright side the design of the V20 case looks like it may not suffer one of the fatal flaws of their Nexus 6P case which partially obstructed the view of the camera. Time will tell for some of our other criticisms like the quality of the build materials and the charging speed.

External battery cases like this one appeal to a certain audience and when well executed we can forgive them for their problems because it just isn't easy to have 10000 mAh waiting in the wings sometimes. There are limits to how thin and lightweight you can make a battery with that much capacity after all.

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