The hook for Amazon's physical Dash buttons is an easy thing to understand: hide little Wi-Fi connected buttons around your house, then press them when you're low on toilet paper in the bathroom, or dishwasher detergent in the kitchen, or imported all-natural small batch coconut oil in the bedroom, and the relevant product will automatically be bought via your Amazon account and shipped out in a couple of days. Now Amazon has made virtual Dash buttons for its website and shopping apps... so you can shop for stuff while you shop for stuff, I guess?

Okay, so the virtual Dash buttons aren't completely useless - they're basically shortcuts to Prime-available products that you're likely to buy over and over. Still, it's odd that Amazon is adding a dedicated section to its digital storefronts to replicate physical objects that are designed for digital purchases. We're getting into some real metaphysical design here, like why all the phone apps have receiver-shaped icons despite the fact that no one's actually used one of those things since the 1990s.

Like their physical counterparts, the virtual Dash buttons are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers, so they can take advantage of that sweet, sweet two-day shipping. Unlike the physical buttons, the virtual ones can be linked to any Prime-compatible product on Amazon. Wanna order a new Pixel from Amazon for $1500 every day? Go for it, you crazy person. Dash buttons will automatically be added to the gallery for products that you frequently re-order. The virtual Dash buttons are available on the web and the shopping app now.