It's not too often that I see Hulu app news pop up here, but this update is important. The popular TV (and more) streaming app is finally getting profiles, à la Netflix. The obvious benefit here is that individual users can have their own watch histories, interests, and recommendations without interfering with each other.

Here's the official note on it:

Profiles: Creating individual profiles enables you to keep track of all of your favorite shows and movies regardless of what other viewers in your household watch. Each profile created within the same Hulu account will have its own personalized Watchlist, recommendations, and viewing history. You can also create profiles for your kids, where they can watch kid-friendly content without worrying about mature shows or movies being recommended to them.

One of the great things about this is that parents can set up separate "kid-friendly" profiles to keep mature content away from sensitive eyes, as the case may be. We saw this announcement about profiles back in December, but the Android app was just recently updated to add this feature.

On a similar note, Hulu is looking to add in offline downloads at some point in the near future. This comes from an interview with the CEO Mike Hopkins over on Adweek that was posted yesterday (January 18). He claims that offline downloads are "on the road map" and that it is something that the company will "be doing in the coming months." Better late than never, I suppose.