The G Suite team has made the first improvement to Google Calendar on the web for the year, which brings some smarter scheduling options for meetings. One of these made a debut in the Android and iOS versions of Calendar last year, but it's good to see the web version getting the same treatment.

Upon creating a meeting, Calendar will suggest conference rooms that you or other attendees have used in the past. You can also continue to browse or search for rooms just like you can now.

The other addition deals with differing time zones — something that I think we all can agree is a nuisance when scheduling this sort of thing. In the "Find a time" tab, Calendar will now show the time of the meeting in the local time zone of each guest, if they happen to be different. I personally know a few people who will love this feature.

Both of these are simple things, but invaluable all the same. The G Suite team ends the blog post with a teaser about new Calendar features coming this year, so we'll just have to stay tuned.