Packt Publishing has been doing something pretty crazy for a little over a year by giving away free developer-oriented eBooks from its collection every day. Well, almost every day – they took a few days off last month. All you have to do is create an account and drop in on the web page to claim each book before the timer runs out. If you've been thinking about developing a game for Android and want a book to guide you through some of the ins and outs, hurry over to Packt right now and claim Android Game Programming by Example before it's gone.


Android Game Programming by Example isn't focused on picking up a commercial game engine and writing scripts, it covers building 2D games mostly from scratch and dives into critical topics like level design and enemy AI, creating the sprites and animations, and technical challenges like collision detection and OpenGL ES 2 optimizations. The book was published in 2015, so it's pretty well up-to-date – we skip a lot of these because they're outdated – and It normally runs $36. This is generally for moderately experienced developers

We noticed this one a bit late, but there should be a bit less than four hours left to claim the book before the next one in line takes its place. If you're interested, hit the link below and get it done.