Have you seen Star Wars: Rogue One? Did you like the character Chirrut Imwe, the blind, force-influenced character who beat the crap out of storm troopers with nothing more than a stick and snarky one-liners? You did, great! Then you might just like this deal. You see, the actor who plays the role of Chirrut is Donnie Yen, a martial arts master and the star of the much acclaimed Ip Man trilogy. Today you can buy that whole trilogy for just $3 at Google Play, a huge savings off the normal price of $27 that you'd pay if you bought each movie individually (ignore that $39.97 nonsense, they are priced at $7, $7, and $13 if you buy them separately). 

Yup, three bucks will net you three movies that are regarded by many as some of the best martial arts movies ever made. The films tell the story of Ip Man, a martial arts expert who was the mentor and teacher of Bruce Lee. Donnie Yen plays the titular role and, from what I've heard from my co-workers at AP, is an amazing actor and fighter. I haven't seen the movies myself, but I will be soon since there's no way I can pass up a critically acclaimed series for such a crazy low price.

If you'd like to buy the films for yourself just head on over to Google Play and buy them. As is often the case with these Google Play discounts, the sale price may not be available in all countries. Heck, it might not even be available anywhere outside the US. Foreign readers, if you see it's on sale in your respective countries, then please let us know in the comments.