Attention movie lovers: You are eligible for a free $5 credit on VUDU. The offer is good for new, or existing subscribers and can be applied toward any movie rental or purchase in VUDU's substantial library, including UHD titles. Yes, it is free movie money, no strings attached.

All you need to do to redeem the offer is to head over to VUDU's promotion redemption page, sign in or create your account, then enter the code SQUAREDCIRCLE. Just like that, you'll have a $5 credit applied to your account. Simple and awesome – What's not to love?!

The only other pertinent information is that the credit expires on January 26th, so don't delay putting it to good use before then. Also, these codes sometimes have a redemption limit, so don't put off applying it to your account. Really, there's only one bad thing about this deal. It's going to suck trying to figure out which movie to spend my free $5 credit on. That's a good problem to have.

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  • @atlouiedog

Well folks, as I expected, there were a limited number of redemptions available and they have all been used. Bummer, better luck next time for those of you who missed the deal.