The Pixel is a great phone, and as such, a lot of people want it. Although, Google seems to be dropping the ball with regard to making that possible. The Google Store is constantly sold out of the Pixel XL (and sometimes even the regular one), and this has led to price inflation. It's not unusual to see Amazon marketplace sellers listing items for well over MSRP when they're hard to come by, but this is Amazon asking $1,500 for a Pixel XL.

The Pixel XL listings sold and shipped by Amazon are currently sitting at over $1,500 (plus tax) for both black and white models. You get free Prime shipping, though. I guess that's a small comfort. If you could buy that same device on the Google Store, it'd be $869 plus tax. The only official sales channels for the Pixel are Google and Verizon, so you'd naturally expect some variation in the price from another retailer. Still, this is ridiculous.

As a result of the exorbitant price, the Pixel XL is currently sitting at 2.5 out of 5 stars. There are less than 20 of each color in stock, but these prices have been up since the Pixel launched. Even most third-party sellers on Amazon and other sites like Swappa aren't asking such ridiculous prices. I can only hope people are not paying this much. What gives, Amazon?