Motorola took a leap with the Moto Z this year by focusing on the modular accessories known as Mods. That meant a few design sacrifices had to be made, including a small-ish battery on the Moto Z and a non-ergonomic flat back panel. I don't think these phones stand up to the competition at full price, but at half price or free, it's hard to complain. That's the deal at Best Buy right now for the Verizon-branded versions.

You get your choice of the Moto Z Droid or Moto Z Droid Force, but the savings on the regular Moto Z are much better. You essentially get it for free after bill credits are applied. Here's how it works: you buy the phone from Best Buy and set up a payment plan on Verizon. You are technically still billed the full amount every month for two years, but a bill credit wipes out the cost of the Moto Z completely. The Moto Z Force is still $15 per month after credit, which is half the usual $30 monthly charge.

Note: the Best Buy site won't reflect this discount when you check out—the discount happens on Verizon's end and might take a few billing cycles to go into effect. You will have to pay tax on the device when you buy it, and you must keep service for two years to get the full credit. If you leave, the remaining balance is due.