In most cases, buying an unlocked Android phone means faster updates, because (in most cases) it sidesteps the carrier approval process. Motorola's 2016 flagship, the Moto Z, was updated to Android Nougat almost two months ago. In addition to all the lovely features that Nougat brings, the update also added Daydream compatibility. The only problem? The unlocked US variant of the Moto Z still hasn't received the update, only the Verizon-exclusive Moto Z Droid and Z Droid Force.

Several annoyed Moto Z owners have reached out to us, voicing their frustration that the unlocked US variant of the Moto Z has yet to be updated to Nougat. To rub salt in the wound, it also hasn't received a single security update - it's still on the July 2016 patch. Motorola hasn't made a public statement about the cause, with uninformed company support staff giving users various non-answers.

International variants of the Moto Z have already received the Android Nougat update, leading some to believe that Motorola/Lenovo may have a deal in place with Verizon for an update exclusivity period in the United States. Regardless if that is true or not, it's very clear that Motorola has come a long way from the speedy updates they were once known for.

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The official Motorola Support twitter account replied to us, essentially saying nothing helpful and not providing any new information. Were you expecting anything else?