The Android Asset Studio, a tool developed by Googler Roman Nurik, is indispensable for developers and designers alike. Need to generate a nine-patch without stopping to think about where your 1px black lines need to go? How about a quick icon or two? The Asset Studio has you covered. But for all its useful functions, the last time we had a major visual refresh to cover was back in 2012 when it adopted all the #33B5E5, #holoyolo goodness of Android's older design language.

That changed overnight when Nurik launched a massive visual refresh for the studio, along with cleaner code in an effort to make contributing easier.


The site looks great in static form, but check it out in action:

The studio's individual tools all have a more unified structure, making it easier to predict where important settings will be, and lending a large, open canvas to the asset you're working on. And of course downloading your finished assets is as easy as hitting the bright blue FAB in the corner.

Check out the new and improved asset studio yourself here, or take a look at the code here.