NVIDIA is getting ready to roll out Android 7.0 to the SHIELD Android TV, and of course it's shipping the new SHIELD with Android 7.0 pre-installed. But what of the SHIELD Tablet and Tablet K1? There's been little word on what's up with these devices, but NVIDIA's SHIELD Hub account on Google+ says that update is happening. It's not the strongest confirmation you can get, but we'll take anything we can get right now.

This news comes by way of a comment on a post about the SHIELD Android TV. Someone asked the SHIELD account what was happening with Nougat for the K1. The NVIDIA account replied, saying there would be an update "in a few weeks." That's all the information we've got, but a few weeks probably means later this month or sometime in February.

There wasn't any mention of the original SHIELD Tablet on G+, but it's not very likely NVIDIA will keep up with that one as well. Despite the similar hardware, those updates have always lagged behind the newer K1. The OG SHIELD Tablet is reportedly getting the update too, but I bet it'll be later.