iHeartRadio has been on a roll with new features over the past few weeks. It introduced paid Plus and All Access plans and promised support for Google Home, and now the service is ready for more novelty.

First, iHeartRadio is now officially available in Australia and New Zealand, so users in the lands down under can listen to some radio stations and tunes for free while summer is still in full swing. Second, there's a new round launcher icon that will show up if you have a supported launcher and device. I'm running Android 7.1 on my Nexus 5X and I don't see it on the Pixel Launcher, but those of you with Pixel phones or with launchers that have added support for round icons should get the circular icon instead of the square one. And finally, iHeartRadio has also tidied up its options and settings.

You can check the full changelog below and download the app from the Play Store if you want to try it out.


• G’day Australia and New Zealand! We’re happy to now be available in your countries!
• We tidied up. Exit App, Sleep Timer, and Alarm Clock can now be found under Settings
• We’ve added support for round launcher icons for those on Android 7.0