The power of Google searches has always had an Achilles heel: terrible connections. Whether you have little to no mobile signal or less than stellar WiFi connectivity, you know the frustration when you're trying to look something up. There is nothing to counter this, but Google has officially rolled out an "offline search" feature which will deliver your searches to you when an adequate signal becomes available.


How this works is similar to previous tests we saw a little while ago. When your connection status changes for the worse, the Search app will queue your queries for when you come back online. Once Google has performed it in the background, you will get a handy notification that lets you know your search result is ready. The claim is that this has no impact on battery and affects data usage in the same manner as a traditional search.


There is now a "Manage Searches" section in the hamburger menu, wherein you can see any pending searches and clear them if you so choose (or find them in the "Offline search" section in the Settings). Be sure that you are on the latest Google App version in order to use this. If for some reason you have not received it, you can always grab it from APKMirror.