Google+ refuses to die, much to the joy of people like me who actually enjoy the service. The development team behind the social media platform has been making changes over the years, including some pretty massive ones to both the mobile and desktop interfaces. Today brings us some new additions: a low-quality comment filter, layout adjustments, and the return of Events.

Comments are always a double-edged sword — they can provide substantial and excellent conversation, spiral downward, or just be filled with spam. For times where you want to filter out some of those latter ones, Google+ is adding in the ability to hide low-quality comments. You can later see everything by selecting "See all comments."

With some of the recent Google+ web interface changes, some people have noticed a lot of whitespace on larger screens (I sure have). The development team is making some adjustments to the layout of our streams, claiming to show us more posts. Also, photographs will now have zooming functionality to "let you get up close and personal with the images you're interested in."

Finally, Events are back! Well, I can only assume that's a good thing because I never used them in the first place. The only details given were that the migration of Events to the new Google+ is coming, but it is still being improved. Starting January 24, users can create and/or join events on the web interface. G Suite will not see support for this quite yet, though.

The classic Google+ is being shut down on January 24, as well. So bid farewell if you have been resisting for the last few months.