Google's official VR headset for the Pixel and Pixel XL, the Daydream View, isn't absolutely necessary to enjoy the phones. But since owners have one of the only pieces of hardware on the planet currently compatible with the Daydream platform, it would be a shame to let the opportunity to check it out pass by. Google agrees... or at the very least, they have an overabundance of stock since the initial freebie preorders ran out. At the moment the headset is $30 off on the Google Store.

That brings the price down to $49 from $79, and shipping is currently free. Not a bad deal at all, considering the full plastic headsets compatible with the older Cardboard standard run $20-30, and they don't include a wireless controller. All three colors are in stock on the US version of the Google Store right now: the original grey and the newer crimson and white options. According to the promotional text at the bottom of the page, the lower price will be available between now and February 25th.

Stock on the Google Store is never very reliable, so get an order in quickly if you want your VR headset in a timely manner. At the moment it looks like the discount is limited to the American Google Store - if you're outside the US and you see a similar discount, let us know in the comments.