Last year, Motorola skipped on updating the Moto X line of devices, in favor of introducing the Moto Z. The device's main selling point was 'Moto Mods,' modules the user can hotswap to add functionality. Unfortunately, the expensive cost of both the device and the Moto Mods, as well as the lack of a headphone jack and short battery life, led it to fall below expectations.

If the stock Moto Z software experience isn't satisfying, you're in luck - Motorola has finally released the 7.0 kernel source code for the Moto Z and Moto Z Droid (codenamed griffin). If you're unfamiliar, this makes creating custom ROMs for the device significantly easier, so expect custom ROM development to pick up.

If you're a developer, or you just really like clicking links, you can find the source code at the link below.