UK smartphone maker Wileyfox has been one of Cyanogen Inc's most consistent partners lately, releasing new budget smartphones running the software on a regular basis. Cyanogen is over, but Wileyfox is forging onward with a new phone called the Swift 2X. It's running Cyanogen OS right now, which might be a problem, but it's also the most powerful (and expensive) phone the company has made.

The Swift 2X is no doubt still a budget phone, but it's a step up in several places compared to past Wileyfox devices. Here are the specs.


SoC Snapdragon 430
Storage 32GB plus micro SD
Display 5.2-inch 1080p
Battery 3010mAh with QC 3.0
Camera 16MP/8MP
Software Android 6.0 (Cyanogen OS)
Measurements 8.8mm thick, 155g

The frame is aluminum like Wileyfox's recently released Swift 2 and 2 Plus, but it's a little flatter and taller. The display is larger and goes to 1080p from 720p in previous Wileyfox phones. Running Cyanogen OS is probably a troubling aspect of this phone for consumers and Wileyfox alike. With that company morphing into some as-yet unknown entitiy, Wileyfox is looking to make its own software. That might take some time.

The Swift 2X is available today in the UK for £219.99. That's £30 more than the Swift 2 Plus. And yes, it's still UK-only.