Paid apps are quite obviously a huge part of the Android ecosystem and in particular, the Google Play Store. Today, Google's doing a bit of reorganising to ensure that, on the developer end, paid orders and settings are the easiest and simplest they can be.

'Order Management,' which developers will know handles the paid orders for subscriptions and in-app purchases, is moving from the Google Payments Centre to the Google Play Developer Console, where most things to do with the app's Play Store entry is managed from. The payments settings - bank accounts and other such things - is also going to be available in the Developer Console, in addition to being available on, as it always has been.

The new order management screen in the Google Play Developer Console

Alongside these organisational shuffles, a few things are being improved. Bulk refunds will allow developers to issue multiple refunds at once, instead of individually (yay for productivity), and subscriptions can be revoked directly from the order management screen. Finally, a new user access permission named 'Manage Orders' adds the ability for a user to find orders, issue refunds, and cancel subscriptions. Other things, such as financial reports, are read only, and only the account owner can access payment settings. (When it says 'user' in the blog post, linked at the source, I assume it means someone who has access to the developer account but is not the owner.)

For developer account owners, you must add all users who need access to the new Order Management section of the Developer Console, using the new 'Manage orders' permission. This must be done by 23rd January - permissions from Payments Center will not carry over. There are two permissions: the aforementioned manage orders and view financial reports. You can choose between these for each user. This can be done from the Developer Console. This must be done by January 22nd if team members want to have continued access to order management features. On January 23rd, order management will cease to be available in Google Payments Center. Finally, developers should have an email in their inbox covering all this, or you can check the source links for more information.