Yahoo is going through some changes right now. Not necessarily the good kind, either. Verizon is buying a chunk of the company, and the rest is changing its name to Altaba. So, there are some changes in the Flickr app, which Yahoo has been accused of neglecting in recent years. For the first time in several years, you can sign into Flickr without a Yahoo account.

Here's the full changelog of the latest Flickr app update.

  • Stability and performance enhancements.
  • Follow your groups straight from your feed with new groups cards.
  • Create an account with any email, no Yahoo email address required.
  • Lots of other bits and bobs to smooth over the user experience.

Yahoo started requiring a Yahoo account to set up Flickr in 2014, and people were not happy about it. This update to the Flickr app includes support for creating an account with any email. It appears the same thing is possible in the web interface, but it's not clear when that happened.

Yahoo also says that the Flickr team will "be back in 2017 with improvements coming a lot thicker and faster." Okay, gross, but more updates are a good thing.

Developer: Flickr, Inc.
Price: Free