Have you been anxiously awaiting the release of Bunyan & Babe? You know, the animated adventure featuring classic characters of American folk-lore thrust into the modern world to help save a town from greedy land developers. What, you haven't heard of this movie?! OK, neither had I thirty minutes ago. Why am I talking about it on Android Police? Because Google is giving it away for freeeeee! 

I watched the trailer and it looks like a straight to DVD animated feature from 2010, complete with a predictable story line, mediocre production values, and an awful script. In other words, just the kind of movie that my kids will want to watch 12 times a day for the next three months. Sigh.

The movie was originally announced back in 2008, but the financial crisis shelved it for a few years and it bounced between a couple different studios. Sounds to me like the movie was mostly complete before it was moth-balled, and the current ownership decided they might as well release it to get something in return for their investment. That return probably wasn't a whole lot considering that Google is now giving it away for free. Oh well, as grandma always said, never look a gift ox in the mouth.

One thing the movie has going for it is a surprisingly star-studded voice cast. Kelsey Grammer plays a greedy land developer, Paul Bunyan is voiced by John Goodman, and Jeff Foxworthy is the blue ox, Babe. Heck, even Mark Hamill is part of the cast, playing an old farmer (farming cabbages, not moisture, sorry to disappoint). With a cast like that, I think this movie was originally slated to be a pretty major production, so who knows, it might not be half bad.

This movie is like a sample of cheesy-broccoli-calamari-pizza-nuggets at Costco. I wouldn't spend money on those either, but hey, you want to give it to me for free, then sure, I'll try it! Want it for yourself? Hit up the link below to add it to your Google Play Library.