We knew this time would come. By all appearances, the Huawei Watch models geared for women are on their way out the door into the nether. Whether the pages don't exist anymore or the item listings show discontinued/limited stock, the story is pretty clear.

So let's look at the evidence. If you go to the Google Store link, it just redirects you to the Android Wear main page; going to B&H or Walmart shows "Discontinued" or "Out of Stock;" and the listings on Amazon have extremely limited quantities available.

I think that it is pretty obvious that the Huawei Watch models for women are no more. We saw the venerable regular model depart the Google Store in December, so this could be a sign that it is getting the axe as well. This has been the Android Wear watch to beat until recently, so it has had a pretty long life as far as technology goes.

Huawei reached out to us to clarify that there are no plans to discontinue the women's models of the Huawei Watch. It was simply a case of depleted inventory after the holidays.