Security cameras sure aren't cheap, especially the "smart" ones we see popping up all over the place these days. Luckily, we can usually count on sales to lessen the monetary blow to our bank accounts, even if it's just a little. Here we have Amazon offering the 2-pack of the Arlo Pro cameras with the siren for $374.98, a savings of $45.01.

The single camera and siren bundle is $249.99 on its own, and each additional camera will run you $189.99. So the full price for the 2-pack saves you roughly $20. With this deal saving you another $45... well, I won't insult your arithmetic skills. Essentially, this makes the sale even sweeter.

The Arlo Pro made some improvements on its predecessor when it was released in October. Most notably, the Pro can last six months on a charge. Video and audio feeds can be recorded to a local hard drive or USB stick on your network in addition to the cloud backup that is included with your purchase. Also, the Pro uses some machine learning to allegedly detect specific objects via motion tracking while ignoring mundane things like cars and animals.

There's a companion Android app that you can use for monitoring and control, which is highly recommended. The cameras themselves seem pretty durable, so if home security is a concern for you, this might be a good investment.

Arlo Legacy
Arlo Legacy
Developer: NETGEAR, Inc
Price: Free