Adobe's current Android strategy seems to be publishing as many small, single-purpose tools as possible to augment the workflow of artists and designers using its main Creative Cloud programs on a desktop computer. Capture CC is a tool for adding things like custom colors, brushes, shapes, and other Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign assets via a mobile camera. The Android app launched in October of 2015, and apparently Adobe didn't think anyone with an Android tablet really needed that functionality until now.

All the tools in the app are now ready for use on a tablet, though considering that Android tablets generally come with pretty poor cameras and no LED flash, it's perhaps easy to see why Adobe overlooked the segment. The various image-based gathering tools are definitely less effective and harder to use with a low-grade camera module. Even so, it's disheartening to see that even on tablets, the app doesn't work in landscape mode... which can make things awkward if your tablet has a non-standard camera placement.

Capture CC is still free to use, and some of the automatic color tools are universal. But to make full use of the app and its syncing systems, you'll need to be a paid-up Creative Cloud customer.

Adobe Capture
Adobe Capture
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free