Attention, Walmart shoppers (on Android): the Scan & Go app is finally here. Back in 2013, the giant retailer began testing a new way to shop. Basically, you wander as normal through Walmart, placing items in your cart as you go. What makes this experience different is that you then scan the barcodes of your items, pay within the app, and show the receipt to the exit greeter on your way out. It's been on iPhone this whole time, but now it graces us Android users. The bummer is that it is limited to the Rogers, AR store for now.


It was not too long ago that Sam's Club, a Walmart subsidiary, released its own Scan & Go app for use in the bulk retail stores. Like the Walmart version, it was also limited to a few markets. I am not exactly sure as to the success of that app, though. However, it did exactly what this one does and allowed shoppers to skip the checkout lines (and avoid cashiers). That is something I can go for.

The premise is simple, but there is a lot of room for error. Hopefully, Walmart has worked out any major issues for this release. If you regularly shop there, then this could really change how the shopping experience and dynamic works.

Walmart Scan & Go
Walmart Scan & Go
Developer: Walmart
Price: Free