There are many ways you can get your words published online these days, but if you're an aspiring author who takes themselves and their writing seriously, choices are more limited. I hadn't heard of Inkitt before, but from checking the site and reading the impressive editing and vetting process described in its guidelines, it looks like a good contender for indie authors who want to reach readers quickly, get feedback, and publish their writing without too much formalities and hassle.

Inkitt launched on iOS in November and is now available on Android. The app brings over 80k titles to Inkitt's more than 700k readers, in different genres ranging from sci-fi to romance, YA, thrillers, erotica, and more. The onboarding process is well thought-out, asking you to pick your favorite genres in order to suggest books and novels for you to read. You can personalize the reading experience by choosing a comfy font and switching from white to black backgrounds to be easier on the eyes in the dark. There's also an offline mode to save books for reading when you don't have a connection.


So far, the Inkitt app only seems to be geared toward discovering and reading content and writing reviews. Writers will miss the option to write and upload their work from the app — hopefully that'll come later in an update. Inkitt is free so grab a cup of coffee and flip over to the Play Store to download the app.