Atlassian and Trello might not be household names, but they're increasingly big players in the tech sector. Trello runs a popular project management platform, and Atlassian makes a variety of business/developement software and services. Now, Atlassian has bought Trello for a healthy $425 million. If you're keeping score, that's 0.425 Instagrams.

Atlassian is the company behind products like the code management service BitBucket and support platform Jira. It's probably best known for the team chat client HipChat. Apparently, business is good for Atlassian as it was able to afford dropping nearly half a billion on Trello. It seems like a good match, too. Atlassian's portfolio was missing the kind of product Trello offers. Jira does some of the same things, but it's geared more toward software developers. Trello is used in all sorts of businesses.

The deal includes $360 million in cash and the rest being paid out in stock. No changes were announced that would immediately affect the Android apps offered by Trello or Atlassian. In the blog post announcement, Atlassian says Trello will become an important part of the company's portfolio. So, it's not going anywhere. Likewise, none of Atlassian's products are on the chopping block to make room.