For a while now, Google Calendar has let you add goals so you can keep track of your efforts at self-improvement. One of the most popular uses (especially this time of year) is exercise goals. In the latest version of Calendar, you can plug in Google Fit to automatically complete your goals.

Adding goals takes just a few taps—tell the app what sort of activity you want to do, how often, how long, and what time of day works best. Then, it adds appointments to your calendar where there's space. The new bit is linking Google Fit to your calendar, allowing Fit activities to automatically mark your exercises complete. Previously, you had to manually mark the goals done. iPhone users can also use this feature with Apple Health.

When you check your goals in Calendar, you'll also see the new version has a visual performance tracker at the bottom (see above). The latest version of Calendar is required for Fit and the visual tracker, which we have on APK Mirror right now. The Google Fit app has to be installed as well.