Even in the midst of CES, there are still deals to be found. This one is from Best Buy, which has the unlocked 64GB Moto X Pure Edition on sale for $249.99. That is a respectable savings of $150 for a decent phone by today's standards. Even though it may not run circles around the best of yesteryear, this is still a good deal.

Just as a refresher, the Moto X Pure Edition sports a 5.7" QHD LCD display, a Snapdragon 808, 21MP rear and 5MP front cameras, a 3,000mAh battery, and a microSD slot. There was not a whole lot of fancy features like a fingerprint sensor, but the phone performed well for its time.

The kicker here is that the black version is completely sold out from Best Buy, while the white version shows to check with your local stores (both of the ones near me had some stock left). The bamboo version, however, is still available from the retailer's website.

Similarly, B&H is also offering a sale on the Moto. While sitting a bit higher at $269.99, you are more likely to save on taxes. So the price difference might actually come out to a wash for some people. For the record, as of the time of this writing, B&H shows both the black and white versions in stock, while the bamboo is listed as "Coming Soon."