Shockingly, LG has come to the conclusion that the mass consumer market is just not interested in modular devices — most especially when those modules require dropping more money in addition to the MSRP of the phone. And some of the modules were not exactly inexpensive. So, who's surprised about this? Anyone?

This report comes via the Wall Street Journal, which claims that the forthcoming LG G6 will scale back on the modularity thing. As you might recall, we were not so fond of the modules gimmick on the G5. Likely to be announced at MWC in February, we might see the G6 with a stronger focus on "aesthetics and usability." A spokesman for LG, who gave WSJ its information, says that the company has listened to consumer feedback in designing the new flagship phone. He also said that the hope for price is somewhere in the $500-$600 ballpark.

There was definitely a struggle to convince G5 owners to purchase the extra modules. And since the phone did not do so well in sales overall, it is to be expected that LG might reconsider some of the core design choices it opted for with last year's flagship.